Hida is well-known in Spain for his high quality products based in tomato sauce. HIDA products are consider by many a sing of quality and for us is not doubt it is true.

The best way to introduce our HIDA brand to our finnish consumers is for them to taste it, anywyas, if you are a finnish speaker and you would like more information please visit our HIDA website totally in Finnish.

Click to visit  hida.fi


“Since 1881 making the most iconic chocolate from Spain. If you are spanish VALOR does not need introduction, the brand name is perfect for what the brand delivers

Valor = Value.

Valor is for spanish people the main company that make us together, that makes us closer, that makes to love every time we open a VALOR chocolate bar.

Click to visit valor.es


A really characteristic product from south spain is the “torta de aceite”, a thing delizious sweet cookie which recepie looks to be over 400 years old.

Now a days a family company Upita is running only by womans which work hard to create the perfect tortas, with EXTRA-virgin olive oil and quality flower. The quality of their products is in every bite!

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